We offer a variety of services in store:

Sports Massage

Caroline Argylecaroline

Sports massage therapist and personal trainer.

Sports massage produces overwhelming benefits for athletes physically, physiologically, and psychologically. Sports massage is designed to prepare the athlete for their best performance, reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling and tension.

  • Sports massage for runners, cyclists, golfer, etc.
  • Sports massage for post event aches and pains.
  • Massage for those everyday sleeping habit pains.






Soul Coaching

Estelle Kochestelle

Intuitive Soul Coach
Spiritual counselling and Clairvoyant consultations.

Visit www.estellekoch.com for more information.




Brett Halliday

A Chiropractor can assist with the following:chiroplus

  • back, neck, limb (sciatica) and foot/wrist pain
  • sporting or occupational injury
  • headaches and migraine
  • traumatic injury to spine, pelvis and limbs
  • scoliosis screening and management
  • geriatric injuries and improvement

Visit www.chiroplus.co.za for more information