Health Republic Stands firm in the belief of living life naturally and to the full, while protecting our planet and its precious natural resources. So we should turn to natural supplements and medicines, building a stronger you, naturally.

SPECIALIST HERBAL MEDICINE: Deborah van der Westhuizen

Former owner and manufacturer of Phyto-Force Herbal Medicines. Extensive knowledge of HERBAL TREATMENT FOR EVERY AILMENT.

Body Talk - Louise Wilson

I want to help you raise the vibration of you and with your world which in turn will help those around you and the planet you are living on, with all her sentient beings, whether they are rocks, plants, ants, animals or people. Because in the bigger scheme of life, we are all connected and everyone else has an effect on everyone else.

This is a place to help you with any aspect of your life which doesn’t feel “healthy” and hopefully you will find something here to inspire, motivate, find a solution or idea because when you can be in love with life, you are happy, inspired, creative, motivated, at peace and contented, in spite of circumstances or events playing around you. You are with whatever is happening around you, but not involved in it.

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