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Welcome to the world of Health Republic Kloof, a space where we nurture natural healing and prevention of disease the natural way.

This is to say that it is better to prevent disease or to treat disease by supplementing with minerals, vitamins, herbs and natural healing disciplines such as Naturopathy, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Massage therapies, Yoga, Meditation, Ethno medicines, Kinesiology, Iridology, Ayurveda medicines etc.

We offer products which are either supplements or treatments of natural origin for these practices.

Deborah van der Westhuizen was the brain behind the Phyto-Force Herbal Medicine module, a system which enables Health practitioners and the man on the street the ability to treat any ailment with Plant medicines or Herbal Tinctures. For 25 years she manufactured a full spectrum of approximately 500 different herbal medicines in various strengths, all according to British Pharmacopeia formulations, methods and standards.

These medicines were used throughout the Natural Medicine, or Phyto-Therapy and Naturopathy world including in teaching institutions such as Universities, Technicon and Herbal Colleges, Naturopathic and Homeopathic practices etc. It is a great honor to know that most Homeopathic Doctors, Herbalists and Naturopaths, were trained on the Phyto-Force model.

“I was born into the natural world in the beautiful country of Rhodesia which is now known as Zimbabwe. At the age of nine years old, my family was moved to Namibia where I spent the rest of my childhood and early adolescence. It was in both of these countries that I became aware of the nutritional and healing capabilities of extreme plants such as Monkey Bread fruit from the Baobab Tree which is used as a remedy for exhaustion and the succulent Aloe which is excellent for healing of wounds as well as digestive problems. This knowledge made me hanker for more knowledge and it wasn’t until I came across Herbal Medicine as a discipline, that I got involved. My 25 years of constant research and studying has taught me so much about the superpowers that plants hold in nutrition and healing and it is this very discipline that holds the key to longevity and health. People do not understand the terrible side effects that modern medicine can cause, particularly if taken long term.”

Deborah van der Westhuizen

At Health Republic Kloof, our manageress Londi has 18 years of experience in the Health Shop industry. Her knowledge of Vitamins and minerals is exceptional and she is always willing to assist each and every customer who walks through our door.

Come and spend time with us, allow us to assist you with leading edge natural solutions, optimum health strategies and products. We are passionate entrepreneurs who have made every effort to research our business and patiently wait to assist you in making the right conscious choice about your health. You can obtain personalized and professional advice on matters concerning your

We all need to support our communities and small business and to start to live consciously what we are buying and from whom.

Health Republic has a far better selection of individual Herbal and Supplement ranges that the larger chains who are perceived to be cheaper but in fact when you add it all up (getting there etc.), they are not. Health shops also have all the knowledge to be able to give you the correct advice and you won’t land up buying a product that vaguely resembles the treatment you should be getting.

We also offer an online store for delivery to your door. We look forward to being of very good service to you.

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Shop 209, Kloof Village Mall, Old Main Rd, Kloof, Durban, 3610
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