Natura Arnica Gel



In homoeopathic potency, Arnica montana acts on the muscular system of the body. It relieves muscle strain from overuse and muscular pain associated with injury. It helps treat bruising by aiding the absorption of blood from muscle and affected tissue. Homoeopathic Arnica montana also has an anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory action which helps reduce pain. It is useful post-operatively and in recovery from physical trauma. It also has a useful application in treating shock associated with trauma.

Hypericum perforatum helps relieve painful injuries where nerves have been crushed or damaged.

Rhus toxicodendron acts on fibrous tissue and primarily treats tearing pains in the tendons, ligaments and fasciae, muscular strains, stiffness in the limbs, hot, painful, swollen joints, rheumatic pain, and rheumatism which tends to be worse in cold weather.

Ruta graveolens acts upon the periosteum and cartilage tissue to help treat sprains, bruised feeling in the limbs, lower back pain, sciatica and pain in the feet and ankles.

Symphytum officinale has significant anti-inflammatory activity for topical treatment of minor wounds, skin inflammations and irritations

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